Quite simply, Ripe Consulting exists to create and develop knowledgeable, ethical and incredibly successful sales people.

Founded in 2018, Ripe Consulting is the brainchild of Darryl Gatward and has its head office in Wellington, New Zealand.

Ripe works with organisations large and small to create custom training programs that deliver genuine results. Return on Investment (ROI) is key with our programs and we always draw a direct correlation between the money you invest in attending a session and the sales results you achieve back at work.

Our sales training is delivered via face to face session and online.
All our training can be accessed and booked via our online Sales training partner RipeSales.com. Click here to login.

Ripe also believes in giving back – up to10% of our previous years earnings gets donated to the charities of choice from our Real Impact People Enabling Network(RIPEN)

Get in touch if you would like to take you or your business to the next level.